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A comprehensive and fair comparison of two neural operators (with practical extensions) based on FAIR data

lululxvi/deepxde 10 Nov 2021

Neural operators can learn nonlinear mappings between function spaces and offer a new simulation paradigm for real-time prediction of complex dynamics for realistic diverse applications as well as for system identification in science and engineering.

Computational Physics

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Bit-Twiddling Hacks for Gamma Matrices

google-research/google-research 9 May 2023

For some research questions that involve Spin(p, q) representation theory, using symbolic algebra based techniques might be an attractive option for simplifying and manipulating expressions.

High Energy Physics - Theory

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Solving DWF Dirac Equation Using Multi-splitting Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient with Tensor Cores on NVIDIA GPUs

lattice/quda 12 Apr 2021

We show that using the multi-splitting algorithm as a preconditioner for the domain wall Dirac linear operator, arising in lattice QCD, effectively reduces the inter-node communication cost, at the expense of performing more on-node floating point and memory operations.

High Energy Physics - Lattice

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Optimal synthesis into fixed XX interactions

Qiskit/qiskit-terra 3 Nov 2021

We describe an optimal procedure, as well as its efficient software implementation, for exact and approximate synthesis of two-qubit unitary operations into any prescribed discrete family of XX-type interactions and local gates.

Quantum Physics Symplectic Geometry 81Q99, 53D45

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Investigating Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithms under Bang-bang Protocols

google-research/google-research 27 May 2020

The quantum approximate optimization algorithm (QAOA) is widely seen as a possible usage of noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) devices.

Quantum Physics

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The rise of data-driven weather forecasting

198808xc/Pangu-Weather 19 Jul 2023

A new NWP paradigm is emerging relying on inference from ML models and state-of-the-art analysis and reanalysis datasets for forecast initialization and model training.

Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics

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Updates to the DScribe Library: New Descriptors and Derivatives

SINGROUP/dscribe 24 Mar 2023

We present an update of the DScribe package, a Python library for atomistic descriptors.

Materials Science

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andrea-mitridate/PTArcade 28 Jun 2023

This is a lightweight manual for PTArcade, a wrapper of ENTERPRISE and ceffyl that allows for easy implementation of new-physics searches in PTA data.

High Energy Physics - Phenomenology High Energy Physics - Experiment

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From Compact Plasma Particle Sources to Advanced Accelerators with Modeling at Exascale

ecp-warpx/impactx 22 Mar 2023

Developing complex, reliable advanced accelerators requires a coordinated, extensible, and comprehensive approach in modeling, from source to the end of beam lifetime.

Accelerator Physics Software Engineering Plasma Physics

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Dissipative Dynamics of Graph-State Stabilizers with Superconducting Qubits

qiskit-community/lindbladmpo 3 Aug 2023

We study experimentally and numerically the noisy evolution of multipartite entangled states, focusing on superconducting-qubit devices accessible via the cloud.

Quantum Physics

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