Modified Shallow Water Equations for significantly varying seabeds

huwb/crest-oceanrender 29 Feb 2012

The novel system is a non-dispersive non-hydrostatic extension of the classical Saint-Venant equations.

Classical Physics Analysis of PDEs Numerical Analysis Computational Physics Fluid Dynamics

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Crystal Graph Convolutional Neural Networks for an Accurate and Interpretable Prediction of Material Properties

txie-93/cgcnn Phys. Rev. Lett. 2017

The use of machine learning methods for accelerating the design of crystalline materials usually requires manually constructed feature vectors or complex transformation of atom coordinates to input the crystal structure, which either constrains the model to certain crystal types or makes it difficult to provide chemical insights.

Band Gap Formation Energy Materials Science

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Investigating Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithms under Bang-bang Protocols

google-research/google-research 27 May 2020

The quantum approximate optimization algorithm (QAOA) is widely seen as a possible usage of noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) devices.

Quantum Physics

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Quantum Information Effects

rkaarsgaard/upi 26 Jul 2021

We study the two dual quantum information effects to manipulate the amount of information in quantum computation: hiding and allocation.

Quantum Physics Logic in Computer Science Programming Languages

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Scqubits: a Python package for superconducting qubits

scqubits/scqubits 18 Jul 2021

$\textbf{scqubits}$ is an open-source Python package for simulating and analyzing superconducting circuits.

Quantum Physics

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Stim: a fast stabilizer circuit simulator

quantumlib/stim 3 Mar 2021

This paper presents ``Stim", a fast simulator for quantum stabilizer circuits.

Quantum Physics

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QAOAKit: A Toolkit for Reproducible Study, Application, and Verification of the QAOA

QAOAKit/QAOAKit 11 Oct 2021

Understanding the best known parameters, performance, and systematic behavior of the Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm (QAOA) remain open research questions, even as the algorithm gains popularity.

Quantum Physics Emerging Technologies

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Lily Pad: Towards Real-time Interactive Computational Fluid Dynamics

weymouth/lily-pad 23 Oct 2015

Despite the fact that computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software is now (relatively) fast and freely available, it is still amazingly difficult to use.

Computational Physics

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Visualizing and Interpreting Unsupervised Solar Wind Classifications

JustGlowing/minisom 28 Apr 2020

The manual and semi-automatic classification of millions of hours of solar wind data from multiple missions can be replaced by automatic algorithms that can discover, in mountains of multi-dimensional data, the real differences in the solar wind properties.

Space Physics Solar and Stellar Astrophysics

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Physics-Constrained Bayesian Neural Network for Fluid Flow Reconstruction with Sparse and Noisy Data

Jianxun-Wang/Physics-constrained-Bayesian-deep-learning 15 Jan 2020

In many applications, flow measurements are usually sparse and possibly noisy.

Computational Physics Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability Fluid Dynamics

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