TensorCircuit: a Quantum Software Framework for the NISQ Era

tencent-quantum-lab/tensorcircuit 20 May 2022

TensorCircuit is an open source quantum circuit simulator based on tensor network contraction, designed for speed, flexibility and code efficiency.

Quantum Physics Computational Physics

20 May 2022

Note: A simple improved termination scheme for the hierarchical equations of motion

tomfay/heom-lab 19 May 2022

The study of open system quantum dynamics has been transformed by the hierarchical equations of motion (HEOM) method, which gives the exact dynamics for a system coupled to a harmonic bath at arbitrary temperature and system-bath coupling strength.

Chemical Physics Other Condensed Matter Quantum Physics

19 May 2022

Bridging Gaps in the Climate Observation Network: A Physics-based Nonlinear Dynamical Interpolation of Lagrangian Ice Floe Measurements via Data-Driven Stochastic Models

jeffreycovington/floe-interpolation 18 May 2022

Modeling and understanding sea ice dynamics in marginal ice zones relies on acquiring Lagrangian ice floe measurements.

Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics

18 May 2022

The normal state of attractive Fermi gases from coupled-cluster theory

jamescallahan7/jmc_js_tcb_2022 18 May 2022

We introduce coupled-cluster (CC) theory for the numerical study of the normal state of two-component, dilute Fermi gases with attractive, short-range interactions at zero temperature.

Quantum Gases Atomic Physics Chemical Physics

18 May 2022

DRalgo: a package for effective field theory approach for thermal phase transitions

dr-algo/dralgo 18 May 2022

Finally, the package computes the finite-temperature effective potential within the effective theory.

High Energy Physics - Phenomenology

18 May 2022

Network structural perturbation against interlayer link prediction

mollyshuu/nsp-kbs2022 18 May 2022

For the scenario where the structural information of the whole network is completely known, we offer a global perturbation strategy that gives different perturbation weights to different types of intralayer links and then selects a predetermined proportion of intralayer links to remove according to the weights.

Physics and Society Social and Information Networks

18 May 2022

A Re-examination of Ellipticity Corrections for Seismic Phases

StuartJRussell/EllipticiPy 17 May 2022

The Earth's ellipticity of figure has an effect on the travel times of seismic waves over teleseismic distances.


17 May 2022

cfd.xyz/rom.js: An open-source framework for generating and visualizing parametric CFD results on the web

simzero-oss/cfd-xyz 17 May 2022

We present in this technical note an open-source web framework for the generation and visualization of parametric CFD results from surrogate models.

Fluid Dynamics Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis

17 May 2022

Community Detection in networks by Dynamical Optimal Transport Formulation

danielaleite/orc-nextrout 17 May 2022

Detecting communities in networks is important in various domains of applications.

Physics and Society Social and Information Networks

17 May 2022

Determining QNMs using PINNs

anelencube/physics-informed-machine-learning-for-qnms 17 May 2022

In recent years there has been an increased interest in neural networks, particularly with regard to their ability to approximate partial differential equations.

Computational Physics General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology

17 May 2022