Modular quantum signal processing in many variables

ichuang/pyqsp 28 Sep 2023

Despite significant advances in quantum algorithms, quantum programs in practice are often expressed at the circuit level, forgoing helpful structural abstractions common to their classical counterparts.

Quantum Physics

28 Sep 2023

AutoEFT: Automated Operator Construction for Effective Field Theories

auto_eft/autoeft 27 Sep 2023

The program AutoEFT is described.

High Energy Physics - Phenomenology High Energy Physics - Theory Computational Physics

27 Sep 2023

Integer Factorization through Func-QAOA

Mostafa-Atallah2020/func-qaoa-factorization 26 Sep 2023

After reviewing the most promising quantum implementations for integer arithmetics, we present a few illustrative examples to demonstrate the efficacy of the Func-QAOA approach and discuss methods to reduce the search space to speed up the optimization process.

Quantum Physics

26 Sep 2023

GWSpace: a multi-mission science data simulator for space-based gravitational wave detection

tianqinsysu/gwspace 26 Sep 2023

In this paper, we introduce \texttt{GWSpace}, a package that can simulate the joint detection data from TianQin, LISA, and TaiJi.

General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics

26 Sep 2023

Characterising semi-Clifford gates using algebraic sets

ndesilva/semiclifford 26 Sep 2023

Specifically, we construct two schemes corresponding to the sets of third-level Clifford hierarchy gates and third-level semi-Clifford gates.

Quantum Physics Mathematical Physics Algebraic Geometry Mathematical Physics

26 Sep 2023

PySimFrac: A Python Library for Synthetic Fracture Generation, Analysis, and Simulation

lanl/dfnworks 25 Sep 2023

In this paper, we introduce Pysimfrac, a open-source python library for generating 3-D synthetic fracture realizations, integrating with fluid simulators, and performing analysis.

Geophysics Fluid Dynamics

25 Sep 2023

Anticipation of Oligocene's climate heartbeat by simplified eigenvalue estimation

martinhessler/anticipation_of_oligocenes_climate_heartbeat 25 Sep 2023

The climate shifts from a greenhouse state to an icehouse state in which Antarctica glaciated for the first time and periodic dynamics arise which are still relevant for our current climate.

Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics Chaotic Dynamics Computational Physics Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability 37M, 39-04, 39-11, 39A60, 65Q10, 65Z05 G.3; G.4; I.6

25 Sep 2023

Mixing as a correlated aggregation process

jorishey1234/aggregation 25 Sep 2023

We show that correlated aggregation is uniquely determined by a single exponent which quantifies the effective number of random aggregation events, and is dependent on the fractal dimension of the flow.

Fluid Dynamics

25 Sep 2023

Efficient precision simulation of processes with many-jet final states at the LHC

hpcgen/tools 22 Sep 2023

We present a scalable technique for the simulation of collider events with multi-jet final states, based on an improved parton-level event file format.

High Energy Physics - Phenomenology

22 Sep 2023

Meso-scale size effects of material heterogeneities on crack propagation in brittle solids

liuchili/variational-phase-field-method-for-dynamic-fracture-problem 22 Sep 2023

Conversely, if varying the volume fraction of inclusions, a lower volume fraction configuration can lead to a better toughening outcome if and only if the inclusion size approaches from above the size of the K-dominance zone.

Materials Science Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis

22 Sep 2023