Latest Research

Accelerating Decision Diagram-based Multi-node Quantum Simulation with Ring Communication and Automatic SWAP Insertion

Fujitsu-UTokyo-QDD/QDD 15 May 2024

The automatic swap insertion method, an approach to minimize inter-node communication, has been employed in existing multi-node state vector-based simulators, but this paper proposes two methods specifically designed for decision diagram-based quantum simulators.

Quantum Physics Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing

15 May 2024

Towards a universal QAOA protocol: Evidence of quantum advantage in solving combinatorial optimization problems

alejomonbar/LR-QAOA 15 May 2024

In this work, we present evidence that fixed linear ramp schedules constitute a universal set of QAOA parameters, i. e., a set of $\gamma$ and $\beta$ parameters that rapidly approximate the optimal solution, $x^*$, independently of the COP selected, and that the success probability of finding it, $probability(x^*)$, increases with the number of QAOA layers $p$.

Quantum Physics Optimization and Control

15 May 2024

HepLean: Digitalising high energy physics

HEPLean/HepLean 14 May 2024

We introduce HepLean, an open-source project to digitalise definitions, theorems, proofs, and calculations in high energy physics using the interactive theorem prover Lean 4.

High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Logic in Computer Science High Energy Physics - Theory

14 May 2024

Exploring the Local Landscape in the Triangle Network

tkrivachy/triangle-nonlocality-symmetric-subspace 14 May 2024

In this work, we investigate inner approximations of the set of local (classical) distributions of the triangle network.

Quantum Physics

14 May 2024

Local Zeta Functions of Multiparameter Calabi-Yau Threefolds from the Picard-Fuchs Equations

pyrykuusela/cy3zeta 13 May 2024

To make the methods developed here more approachable, a Mathematica package "CY3Zeta" for computing the zeta functions of Calabi-Yau threefolds, which is attached to this paper, is presented.

High Energy Physics - Theory Number Theory

13 May 2024

BharatBench: Dataset for data-driven weather forecasting over India

maslabnitrkl/bharatbench 13 May 2024

This study presents a user-friendly dataset for data-driven medium-range weather forecasting focused on India.

Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics

13 May 2024

An Abstract Model and Efficient Routing for Logical Entangling Gates on Zoned Neutral Atom Architectures

cda-tum/mqt-qmap 13 May 2024

In this paper, we initiate this line of work by providing, (1) an abstract model of the novel architecture and, (2) an efficient solution to the routing problem of entangling gates.

Quantum Physics Emerging Technologies

13 May 2024

Community detection in bipartite signed networks is highly dependent on parameter choice

elenacandellone/signed-bipartite-nets 13 May 2024

Decision-making processes often involve voting.

Physics and Society Social and Information Networks Methodology

13 May 2024

Fitness-Based Growth of Directed Networks with Hierarchy

nrodgers1/directed_networks_with_fitness_and_hierarchy 10 May 2024

We propose a simple growing network model where the probability of connecting to a node is defined by a preferential attachment mechanism based on degree and the difference in fitness between nodes.

Physics and Society

10 May 2024

Sensing force gradients with cavity optomechanics while evading backaction

record/11175476 10 May 2024

We study force gradient sensing by a coherently driven mechanical resonator with phase-sensitive detection of motion via the two-tone backaction evading measurement of cavity optomechanics.

Quantum Physics

10 May 2024