Refinement of molecular dynamics ensembles using experimental data and flexible forward models

bussilab/forward-model-optimization 16 Mar 2023

A novel method combining maximum entropy principle, the Bayesian-inference of ensembles approach, and the optimization of empirical forward models is presented.

Chemical Physics Biological Physics Computational Physics Biomolecules

16 Mar 2023

Bathymetry imposes a global pattern of cross-front transport in the Southern Ocean

michaeldenes/femdlpy 15 Mar 2023

The Southern Ocean plays an integral role in the global climate system, exchanging heat, salt, and carbon throughout the major ocean basins via the deep, fast-flowing Antarctic Circumpolar Current.

Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics Dynamical Systems

15 Mar 2023

Machine learning topological defects in confluent tissues

killeena/ml_defectdetection 14 Mar 2023

One aspect of particularly intense focus is the role active nematic defects play in these systems, as they have been found to mediate a growing number of biological processes.

Soft Condensed Matter Disordered Systems and Neural Networks

14 Mar 2023

Interface Response Functions for multicomponent alloy solidification- An application to additive manufacturing

icme-india/solidification-irf 14 Mar 2023

However, most of the sharp interface models assume linear superposition of contributions of alloying elements without considering the non-linearity associated with the phase diagram.

Materials Science

14 Mar 2023

Improvement of Geant4 Neutron-HP package: Doppler broadening of the neutron elastic scattering kernel and cross sections

lthullie/geant4_neutronhp_benchmarkapp 13 Mar 2023

Whether it is for shielding applications or for safety criticality studies, numerically solving the neutron transport equation with a good accuracy requires to precisely estimate the Doppler broadened elastic scattering kernel in the thermal and epithermal energy range of neutrons travelling in a free gas.

Computational Physics Nuclear Experiment

13 Mar 2023

Fast and accurate AMS-02 antiproton likelihoods for global dark matter fits

kathrinnp/DarkRayNet 13 Mar 2023

The antiproton flux measurements from AMS-02 offer valuable information about the nature of dark matter, but their interpretation is complicated by large uncertainties in the modeling of cosmic ray propagation.

High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena

13 Mar 2023

Automatic Generation of an Efficient Less-Than Oracle for Quantum Amplitude Amplification

JSRivero/Less-than-oracle 13 Mar 2023

A fundamental part of this algorithm is the so-called oracle, a quantum circuit that marks the quantum state corresponding to the desired value.

Quantum Physics Software Engineering

13 Mar 2023

Two-loop master integrals for a planar and a non-planar topology relevant for single top production

nsyrrakos/singletop1mass 13 Mar 2023

We provide analytic results for two-loop four-point master integrals with one massive propagator and one massive leg relevant to single top production.

High Energy Physics - Phenomenology High Energy Physics - Theory

13 Mar 2023

Multi-objective analysis of the Sand Hypoplasticity model calibration

frajomen/ga-cal 13 Mar 2023

The Sand Hypoplastic (SH) constitutive law by von Wolffersdorff (1996) is a interesting hypoplastic model for soil mechanics.

Soft Condensed Matter

13 Mar 2023

Non-Vacuum Solutions, Gravitational Collapse and Discrete Singularity Theorems in Wolfram Model Systems

jonathangorard/gravitas 10 Mar 2023

The celebrated geodesic congruence equation of Raychaudhuri, together with the resulting singularity theorems of Penrose and Hawking that it enabled, yield a highly general set of conditions under which a spacetime (or, more generically, a pseudo-Riemannian manifold) is expected to become geodesically incomplete.

General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology

10 Mar 2023