A Fractional Variational Approach for Modelling Dissipative Mechanical Systems: Continuous and Discrete Settings

28 Feb 2018  ·  Jiménez Fernando, Ober-Blöbaum Sina ·

Employing a phase space which includes the (Riemann-Liouville) fractional derivative of curves evolving on real space, we develop a restricted variational principle for Lagrangian systems yielding the so-called restricted fractional Euler-Lagrange equations (both in the continuous and discrete settings), which, as we show, are invariant under linear change of variables. This principle relies on a particular restriction upon the admissible variation of the curves... In the case of the half-derivative and mechanical Lagrangians, i.e. kinetic minus potential energy, the restricted fractional Euler-Lagrange equations model a dissipative system in both directions of time, summing up to a set of equations that is invariant under time reversal. Finally, we show that the discrete equations are a meaningful discretisation of the continuous ones. read more

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Mathematical Physics Classical Analysis and ODEs Mathematical Physics