A jamming plane of sphere packings

24 Mar 2020  ·  Yuliang Jin, Hajime Yoshino ·

The concept of jamming has attracted great research interest due to its broad relevance in soft matter such as liquids, glasses, colloids, foams, and granular materials, and its deep connection to the sphere packing problem and optimization problems. Here we show that the domain of amorphous jammed states of frictionless spheres can be significantly extended, from the well-known jamming-point at a fixed density, to a jamming-plane that spans the density and shear strain axes... We explore the jamming-plane, via athermal and thermal simulations of compression and shear jamming, with a help of an efficient swap algorithm to prepare initial equilibrium configurations. The jamming-plane can be divided into reversible-jamming and irreversible-jamming regimes, based on the reversibility of the route from the initial configuration to jamming. Our results suggest that the irreversible-jamming behavior reflects an escape from the meta-stable glass basin to which the initial configuration belongs to, or the absence of such basins. All jammed states, either compression or shear jammed, are isostatic, and exhibit jamming criticality of the same universality class. However, the anisotropy of contact networks non-trivially depends on the jamming density and strain. Among all state points on the jamming-plane, the jamming-point is a unique one with the minimum jamming density and the maximum randomness. For lattice packings, the jamming-plane shrinks into a single shear jamming-line that is independent of initial configurations. Our study paves the way for solving the long-standing random close packing problem, and provides a more complete framework to understand jamming. read more

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Soft Condensed Matter Disordered Systems and Neural Networks Statistical Mechanics