A low-noise single-photon detector for long-distance free-space quantum communication

24 Jul 2020  ·  Anisimova Elena, Nikulov Dmitri, Hu Simeng Simone, Bourgon Mark, Neumann Sebastian Philipp, Ursin Rupert, Jennewein Thomas, Makarov Vadim ·

We build and test a single-photon detector based on a Si avalanche photodiode Excelitas 30902SH thermoelectrically cooled to -100 deg. C. Our detector has dark count rate below 1 Hz, 500 um diameter photosensitive area, photon detection efficiency around 50%, afterpulsing less than 0.35%, and timing jitter under 1 ns... These characteristics make it suitable for long-distance free-space quantum communication links, which we briefly discuss. We also report an improved method that we call long-time afterpulsing analysis, used to determine and visualise long trap lifetimes at different temperatures. read more

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Quantum Physics Instrumentation and Detectors