A model explaining neutrino masses and the DAMPE cosmic ray electron excess

26 Mar 2018  ·  Fan Yi-Zhong, Huang Wei-Chih, Spinrath Martin, Tsai Yue-Lin Sming, Yuan Qiang ·

We propose a flavored $U(1)_{e\mu}$ neutrino mass and dark matter~(DM) model to explain the recent DArk Matter Particle Explorer (DAMPE) data, which feature an excess on the cosmic ray electron plus positron flux around 1.4 TeV. Only the first two lepton generations of the Standard Model are charged under the new $U(1)_{e\mu}$ gauge symmetry... A vector-like fermion $\psi$, which is our DM candidate, annihilates into $e^{\pm}$ and $\mu^{\pm}$ via the new gauge boson $Z'$ exchange and accounts for the DAMPE excess. We have found that the data favors a $\psi$ mass around 1.5~TeV and a $Z'$ mass around 2.6~TeV, which can potentially be probed by the next generation lepton colliders and DM direct detection experiments. read more

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