A new 2D auxetic CN2 nanostructure with high energy density and mechanical strength

14 Dec 2020  ·  Qun Wei, Ying Yang, Alexander Gavrilov, Xihong Peng ·

The existence of a new two dimensional CN2 structure was predicted using ab-initio molecular dynamics (AIMD) and density-functional theory calculations. It consists tetragonal and hexagonal rings with C-N and N-N bonds arranged in a buckling plane, isostructural to tetrahex-carbon allotrope. It is thermodynamically and kinetically stable suggested by its phonon spectrum and AIMD. This nanosheet has high concentration of N and contains N-N single bonds with an energy density of 6.3 kJ/g, indicating potential applications as high energy density materials. It possesses exotic mechanical properties with negative Poisson's ratio and an anisotropic Young's modulus. The modulus in the zigzag direction is predicted to be 340 N/m, stiffer than h-BN and penta-CN2 sheets and comparable to graphene. Its ideal strength of 28.8 N/m outperforms that of penta-graphene. The material maintains phonon stability upon the application of uniaxial strain up to 10% (13%) in the zigzag (armchair) direction or biaxial strain up to 5%. It possesses a wide indirect HSE band gap of 4.57 eV which is tunable between 3.37 - 4.57 eV through strain. Double-layer structures are also explored. Such unique properties may have potential applications in high energy density materials, nanomechanics and electronics.

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Materials Science Computational Physics