A new model for spherically symmetric charged compact stars of embedding class one

11 May 2016  ·  Maurya S. K., Gupta Y. K., Ray Saibal, Deb Debabrata ·

In the present study we search for a new stellar model with spherically symmetric matter and charged distribution under general relativistic framework. The model represents a compact star of embedding class one... The solutions obtain here are general in their nature having the following two features: firstly, the metric becomes flat and also the expressions for the pressure, energy density and electric charge become zero in all the cases if we consider the constant $A=0$, which shows that our solutions represent the so-called `electromagnetic mass model' \cite{Lorentz1904}, and secondly, the metric function $\nu(r)$, for the limit $n$ tends to infinity, converts to $\nu(r)=C{r}^{2}+ ln~B$, which is the same as considered by Maurya et al. \cite{Maurya2015a}. We have investigated several physical aspects of the model and find that all the features are acceptable within the demand of the contemporary theoretical studies and observational evidences. read more

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General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology