A quantum-classical cloud platform optimized for variational hybrid algorithms

13 Jan 2020  ·  Peter J. Karalekas, Nikolas A. Tezak, Eric C. Peterson, Colm A. Ryan, Marcus P. da Silva, Robert S. Smith ·

In order to support near-term applications of quantum computing, a new compute paradigm has emerged--the quantum-classical cloud--in which quantum computers (QPUs) work in tandem with classical computers (CPUs) via a shared cloud infrastructure. In this work, we enumerate the architectural requirements of a quantum-classical cloud platform, and present a framework for benchmarking its runtime performance. In addition, we walk through two platform-level enhancements, parametric compilation and active qubit reset, that specifically optimize a quantum-classical architecture to support variational hybrid algorithms (VHAs), the most promising applications of near-term quantum hardware. Finally, we show that integrating these two features into the Rigetti Quantum Cloud Services (QCS) platform results in considerable improvements to the latencies that govern algorithm runtime.

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