A Toolbox for Quantifying Memory in Dynamics Along Reaction Coordinates

13 Jan 2021  ·  Alessio Lapolla, Aljaž Godec ·

Memory effects in time-series of experimental observables are ubiquitous, have important cosequences for the interpretation of kinetic data, and may even affect the function of biomolecular nanomachines such as enzymes. Here we propose a set of complementary methods for quantifying conclusively the magnitude and duration of memory in a time series of a reaction coordinate... The toolbox is general, robust, easy to use, and does not rely on any underlying microscopic model. As a proof of concept we apply it to the analysis of memory in the dynamics of the end-to-end distance of the analytically solvable Rouse-polymer model, an experimental time-series of extensions of a single DNA hairpin measured by optical tweezers, and the fraction of native contacts in a small protein probed by atomistic Molecular Dynamics simulations. read more

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Statistical Mechanics Soft Condensed Matter Biological Physics Chemical Physics