A universal crack tip correction algorithm discovered by physical deep symbolic regression

15 Mar 2024  ·  David Melching, Florian Paysan, Tobias Strohmann, Eric Breitbarth ·

Digital image correlation is a widely used technique in the field of experimental mechanics. In fracture mechanics, determining the precise location of the crack tip is crucial. In this paper, we introduce a universal crack tip detection algorithm based on displacement and strain fields obtained by digital image correlation. Iterative crack tip correction formulas are discovered by applying deep symbolic regression guided by physical unit constraints to a dataset of simulated cracks under mode I, II and mixed-mode conditions with variable T-stress. For the training dataset, we fit the Williams series expansion with super-singular terms to the simulated displacement fields at randomly chosen origins around the actual crack tip. We analyse the discovered formulas and apply the most promising one to digital image correlation data obtained from uniaxial and biaxial fatigue crack growth experiments of AA2024-T3 sheet material. Throughout the experiments, the crack tip positions are reliably detected leading to improved stability of the crack propagation curves.

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