AdS_4 compactifications of AdS_7 solutions in type II supergravity

23 Feb 2015  ·  Rota Andrea, Tomasiello Alessandro ·

We find new classes of AdS_4 solutions with localized branes and orientifolds, both analytic and numerical. We start with an Ansatz for the pure spinors inspired by a recently found class of AdS_7 x M_3 solutions in massive IIA; we replace the AdS_7 by AdS_4 x Sigma_3, and we fibre M_3 over Sigma_3 in a way inspired by a field theory SU(2) twist... We are able to reduce the problem to a system of five ODEs; a further Ansatz reduces them to three. Their solutions can be bijectively mapped to the AdS_7 solutions via a simple universal map. This also allows to find a simple analytic form for these solutions. They are naturally interpreted as twisted compactifications of the (1,0) CFT_6's dual to the AdS_7 solutions. The larger system of five ODEs also admits more general numerical solutions, again with localized branes; regularity is achieved via an attractor mechanism. read more

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High Energy Physics - Theory