AdS$_7$/CFT$_6$ with orientifolds

15 Jan 2018  ·  Apruzzi Fabio, Fazzi Marco ·

AdS$_7$ solutions of massive type IIA have been classified, and are dual to a large class of six-dimensional $(1,0)$ SCFT's whose tensor branch deformations are described by linear quivers of SU groups. Quivers and AdS vacua depend solely on the group theory data of the NS5-D6-D8 brane configurations engineering the field theories... This has allowed for a direct holographic match of their $a$ conformal anomaly. In this paper we extend the match to cases where O6 and O8-planes are present, thereby introducing SO and USp groups in the quivers. In all of them we show that the $a$ anomaly computed in supergravity agrees with the holographic limit of the exact field theory result, which we extract from the anomaly polynomial. As a byproduct we construct special AdS$_7$ vacua dual to nonperturbative F-theory configurations. Finally, we propose a holographic $a$-theorem for six-dimensional Higgs branch RG flows. read more

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High Energy Physics - Theory