Antagonistic effects of nearest-neighbor repulsion on the superconducting pairing dynamics in the doped Mott insulator regime

11 Oct 2016 Reymbaut A. Charlebois M. Asiani M. Fellous Fratino L. Sémon P. Sordi G. Tremblay A. -M. S.

The nearest-neighbor superexchange-mediated mechanism for d_{x^2-y^2}-wave superconductivity in the one-band Hubbard model faces the challenge that nearest-neighbor Coulomb repulsion can be larger than superexchange. To answer this question, we use cellular dynamical mean-field theory (CDMFT) with a continuous-time quantum Monte Carlo solver to determine the superconducting phase diagram as a function of temperature and doping for on-site repulsion $U=9t$ and nearest-neighbor repulsion $V=0,2t,4t$... (read more)

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