Asymptotically-flat supergravity solutions deep inside the black-hole regime

28 Nov 2017  ·  Bena Iosif, Giusto Stefano, Martinec Emil J., Russo Rodolfo, Shigemori Masaki, Turton David, Warner Nicholas P. ·

We construct an infinite family of smooth asymptotically-flat supergravity solutions that have the same charges and angular momenta as general supersymmetric D1-D5-P black holes, but have no horizon. These solutions resemble the corresponding black hole to arbitrary accuracy outside of the horizon: they have asymptotically flat regions, AdS_3 x S^3 throats and very-near-horizon AdS_2 throats, which however end in a smooth cap rather than an event horizon... The angular momenta of the solutions are general, and in particular can take arbitrarily small values. Upon taking the AdS_3 x S^3 decoupling limit, we identify the holographically-dual CFT states. read more

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High Energy Physics - Theory General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology