Automated discovery of superconducting circuits and its application to 4-local coupler design

6 Dec 2019  ·  Tim Menke, Florian Häse, Simon Gustavsson, Andrew J. Kerman, William D. Oliver, Alán Aspuru-Guzik ·

Superconducting circuits have emerged as a promising platform to build quantum processors. The challenge of designing a circuit is to compromise between realizing a set of performance metrics and reducing circuit complexity and noise sensitivity. At the same time, one needs to explore a large design space, and computational approaches often yield long simulation times. Here we automate the circuit design task using SCILLA, a software for automated discovery of superconducting circuits. SCILLA performs a parallelized, closed-loop optimization to design circuit diagrams that match pre-defined properties such as spectral features and noise sensitivities. We employ it to discover 4-local couplers for superconducting flux qubits and identify a circuit that outperforms an existing proposal with similar circuit structure in terms of coupling strength and noise resilience for experimentally accessible parameters. This work demonstrates how automated discovery can facilitate the design of complex circuit architectures for quantum information processing.

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