BIGSTICK: A flexible configuration-interaction shell-model code

24 Jan 2018  ·  Calvin W. Johnson, W. Erich Ormand, Kenneth S. McElvain, Hongzhang Shan ·

We present BIGSTICK, a flexible configuration-interaction open-source shell-model code for the many-fermion problem. Written mostly in Fortran 90 with some later extensions, BIGSTICK utilizes a factorized on-the-fly algorithm for computing many-body matrix elements, and has both MPI (distributed memory) and OpenMP (shared memory) parallelization, and can run on platforms ranging from laptops to the largest parallel supercomputers... It uses a flexible yet efficient many-body truncation scheme, and reads input files in multiple formats, allowing one to tackle both phenomenological (major valence shell space) and ab initio (the so-called no-core shell model) calculations. BIGSTICK can generate energy spectra, static and transition one-body densities, and expectation values of scalar operators. Using the built-in Lanczos algorithm one can compute transition probability distributions and decompose wave functions into components defined by group theory. This manual provides a general guide to compiling and running BIGSTICK, which comes with numerous sample input files, as well as some of the basic theory underlying the code. read more

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Computational Physics Nuclear Theory