Brownian dynamics study of driven partially pinned solid in the presence of square array of pinning centers: Enhanced pinning close to the melting transition

13 Aug 2020  ·  Joseph Toby ·

A set of interacting vortices in $2D$ in the presence of a substrate with square symmetry and at filling ratio $1$ can display a low temperature solid phase where only one of the reciprocal lattice vectors of the substrate is present\cite{toby1,fasano}. This partially pinned vortex lattice melts to a modulated liquid via a continuous transition \cite{toby1}... Brownian dynamics simulation is carried out to study the behavior of driven partially pinned solid at different temperatures. The average vortex velocity for forces above the depinning threshold shows a non-monotonic behavior with temperature, with a minimum in the average velocity close to the melting point. This is reminiscent of the peak effect seen in vortex systems with random disorder. This effect in the current system can be qualitatively explained by an effective increase in the barriers encountered by the particles as $T_c$ is approached. Approximate calculation of the energy barriers as a function of temperature, from the simulation supports this claim. read more

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Soft Condensed Matter Statistical Mechanics Superconductivity