ChAKRA : The high resolution charged particle detector array at VECC

11 Apr 2019  ·  Kundu Samir, Rana T. K., Bhattacharya C., Banerjee K., Pandey R., Meena Santu Manna J. K., Saha A. K., Sahoo J. K., Roy P. Dhara A. Dey D. Gupta T. K. Ghosh Pratap, Mukherjee G., Saha R Mandal, Roy S., Bajirao S. R., Sen A., Bhattacharya S. ·

A large 4$\pi$ array of charged particle detectors has been developed at Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre to facilitate high resolution charged particle reaction and spectroscopy studies by detecting event-by-event the charged reaction products emitted in heavy ion reactions at energy $\sim$ 10-60 MeV/A. The forward part ($\theta \sim \pm $ $7^{0}$ - $\pm 45^{0}$) of the array consists of 24 highly granular, high resolution charged particle telescopes, each of which is made by three layers [single sided silicon strip($\Delta$E) + double sided silicon strip (E/$\Delta$E) + CsI(Tl)(E)]of detectors... The backward part of the array consists of 112 CsI(Tl) detectors which are capable of detecting primarily the light charged particles (Z $\le$ 2) emitted in the angular range of $\theta \sim \pm $ $45^{0}$ - $\pm 175^{0}$. The extreme forward part of the array ($\theta \sim \pm $ $3^{0}$ - $\pm 7^{0}$) is made up of 32 slow-fast plastic phoswich detectors that are capable of detecting light (Z $\le$2) and heavy charged particles (3 $\le$ Z $\lesssim$ 20) as well as handling high count rates. The design, construction and characterization of the array has been described. read more

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