Charge polarization effects on the optical response of blue-emitting superlattices

15 Mar 2017  ·  Pereyra Pedro, Assaoui Fatna ·

In the new approach to study the optical response of periodic structures, successfully applied to study the optical properties of blue-emitting InGaN/GaN superlattices, the spontaneous charge polarization was neglected. To search the effect of this quantum confined Stark phenomenon we study the optical response, assuming parabolic band edge modulations in the conduction and valence bands... We discuss the consequences on the eigenfunction symmetries and the ensuing optical transition selection rules. Using the new approach in the WKB approximation of the finite periodic systems theory, we determine the energy eigenvalues, their corresponding eigenfunctions and the subband structures in the conduction and valence bands. We calculate the photoluminescence as a function of the charge localization strength, and compare with the experimental result. We show that for subbands close to the barrier edge the optical response and the surface states are sensitive to charge polarization strength. read more

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Materials Science