Charge radius of the short-lived $^{68}$Ni and correlation with the dipole polarizability

13 Mar 2020 Kaufmann S. Simonis J. Bacca S. Billowes J. Bissell M. L. Blaum K. Cheal B. Ruiz R. F. Garcia Gins W. Gorges C. Hagen G. Heylen H. Kanellakopoulos A. Malbrunot-Ettenauer S. Miorelli M. Neugart R. Neyens G. Nörtershäuser W. Sánchez R. Sailer S. Schwenk A. Ratajczyk T. Rodríguez L. V. Wehner L. Wraith C. Xie L. Xu Z. Y. Yang X. F. Yordanov D. T.

We present the first laser spectroscopic measurement of the neutron-rich nucleus $^{68}$Ni at the \mbox{$N=40$} subshell closure and extract its nuclear charge radius. Since this is the only short-lived isotope for which the dipole polarizability $\alpha_{\rm D}$ has been measured, the combination of these observables provides a benchmark for nuclear structure theory... (read more)

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