Chiral and Topological Orbital Magnetism of Spin Textures

19 Jun 2017  ·  Lux Fabian R., Freimuth Frank, Blügel Stefan, Mokrousov Yuriy ·

Using a semiclassical Green's function formalism, we discover the emergence of chiral and topological orbital magnetism in two-dimensional chiral spin textures by explicitly finding the corrections to the orbital magnetization, proportional to the powers of the gradients of the texture. We show that in the absence of spin-orbit coupling, the resulting orbital moment can be understood as the electronic response to the emergent magnetic field associated with the real-space Berry curvature... By referring to the Rashba model, we demonstrate that by tuning the parameters of surface systems the engineering of emergent orbital magnetism in spin textures can pave the way to novel concepts in orbitronics. read more

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Materials Science Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics