Coherent control of group index and magneto-optical anisotropy in a multilevel atomic vapor

30 Jun 2016  ·  Lampis Andreas, Culver Robert, Megyeri Balázs, Goldwin Jon ·

We study electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) in a heated potassium vapor cell, using a simple optical setup with a single free-running diode laser and an acousto-optic modulator. Despite the fact that the Doppler width is comparable to the ground state hyperfine splitting, transparency windows with deeply sub-natural line widths and large group indices are obtained... A longitudinal magnetic field is used to split the EIT feature and induce magnetooptical anisotropy. Using the beat note between co-propagating coupling and probe beams, we perform a heterodyne measurement of the circular dichroism (and therefore birefringence) of the EIT medium. The observed spectra reveal that lin-par-lin polarizations lead to greater anisotropy than lin-perp-lin. A simplified analytical model encompassing sixteen Zeeman states and eighteen \Lamda\ subsytems reproduces the experimental observations. read more

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Optics Atomic Physics Quantum Physics