Coherent spin state transfer via Heisenberg exchange

12 Jul 2019  ·  Kandel Yadav P., Qiao Haifeng, Fallahi Saeed, Gardner Geoffrey C., Manfra Michael J., Nichol John M. ·

Quantum information science has the potential to revolutionize modern technology by providing resource-efficient approaches to computing, communication, and sensing. Although the physical qubits in a realistic quantum device will inevitably suffer errors, quantum error correction creates a path to fault-tolerant quantum information processing... Quantum error correction, however, requires that individual qubits can interact with many other qubits in the processor. Engineering this high connectivity can pose a challenge for platforms like electron spin qubits that naturally favor linear arrays. Here, we present an experimental demonstration of the transmission of electron spin states via Heisenberg exchange in an array of spin qubits. We transfer both single-spin and entangled states back and forth in a quadruple quantum-dot array without moving any electrons. Because it is scalable to large numbers of qubits, state transfer through Heisenberg exchange will be especially useful for multi-qubit gates and error-correction in spin-based quantum computers. read more

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Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics