Combining Laue diffraction with Bragg coherent diffraction imaging at 34-ID-C

13 Mar 2020  ·  Pateras Anastasios, Harder Ross, Cha Wonsuk, Gigax Jonathan G., Baldwin J. Kevin, Tischler Jon, Xu Ruqing, Liu Wenjun, Erdmann Mark J., Kalt Robert, Sandberg Richard L., Fensin Saryu, Pokharel Reeju ·

Measurement modalities in Bragg coherent diffraction imaging (BCDI) rely on finding signal from a single nanoscale crystal object, which satisfies the Bragg condition among a large number of arbitrarily oriented nanocrystals. However, even when the signal from a single Bragg reflection with (hkl) Miller indices is found, the crystallographic axes on the retrieved three-dimensional (3D) image of the crystal remain unknown, and thus, localizing in reciprocal space other Bragg reflections becomes in reality impossible or requires good knowledge of the orientation of the crystal... We report the commissioning of a movable double-bounce Si (111) monochromator at the 34-ID-C end station of the Advanced Photon Source, which aims at delivering multi-reflection BCDI as a standard tool in a single beamline instrument. The new instrument enables this through rapid switching from monochromatic to broadband (pink) beam permitting the use of Laue diffraction to determine crystal orientation. With a proper orientation matrix determined for the lattice, one can measure coherent diffraction near multiple Bragg peaks, thus providing sufficient information to image the full strain tensor in 3D. We discuss the design, concept of operation, the developed procedures for indexing Laue patterns, and automated measuring of Bragg coherent diffraction data from multiple reflections of the same nanocrystal. read more

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