Comparing the Properties of ICME-Induced Forbush Decreases at Earth and Mars

16 Mar 2020 von Forstner Johan L. Freiherr Guo Jingnan Wimmer-Schweingruber Robert F. Dumbović Mateja Janvier Miho Démoulin Pascal Veronig Astrid Temmer Manuela Papaioannou Athanasios Dasso Sergio Hassler Donald M. Zeitlin Cary J.

Forbush decreases (FDs), which are short-term drops in the flux of galactic cosmic rays, are caused by the shielding from strong and/or turbulent magnetic structures in the solar wind, especially interplanetary coronal mass ejections (ICMEs) and their associated shocks, as well as corotating interaction regions. Such events can be observed at Earth, for example, using neutron monitors, and also at many other locations in the solar system, such as on the surface of Mars with the Radiation Assessment Detector instrument onboard Mars Science Laboratory... (read more)

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