Compilation of algorithm-specific graph states for quantum circuits

15 Sep 2022  ·  Madhav Krishnan Vijayan, Alexandru Paler, Jason Gavriel, Casey R. Myers, Peter P. Rohde, Simon J. Devitt ·

We present a quantum circuit compiler that prepares an algorithm-specific graph state from quantum circuits described in high level languages, such as Cirq and Q#. The computation can then be implemented using a series of non-Pauli measurements on this graph state. By compiling the graph state directly instead of starting with a standard lattice cluster state and preparing it over the course of the computation, we are able to better understand the resource costs involved and eliminate wasteful Pauli measurements on the actual quantum device. Access to this algorithm-specific graph state also allows for optimisation over locally equivalent graph states to implement the same quantum circuit. The compiler presented here finds ready application in measurement based quantum computing, NISQ devices and logical level compilation for fault tolereant implementations.

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