Cooling Stochastic Quantization with colored noise

17 May 2017  ·  Jan M. Pawlowski, Ion-Olimpiu Stamatescu, Felix P. G. Ziegler ·

Smoothing of field configurations is highly important for precision calculations of physical quantities on the lattice. We present a cooling method based on Stochastic Quantization with a built-in UV momentum cutoff. The latter is implemented via a UV-regularized, hence colored, noise term. Our method is tested in a two-dimensional scalar field theory. We show, that UV modes can be removed systematically without altering the physics content of the theory. The approach has an interpretation in terms of the non-perturbative (Wilsonian) renormalization group that facilitates the physics interpretation of the cutoff procedure. It also can be used to define the maximal colored cooling applicable without changing the theory.

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