Critical neural networks with short and long term plasticity

18 Dec 2017  ·  van Kessenich L. Michiels, Luković M., de Arcangelis L., Herrmann H. J. ·

In recent years self organised critical neuronal models have provided insights regarding the origin of the experimentally observed avalanching behaviour of neuronal systems. It has been shown that dynamical synapses, as a form of short-term plasticity, can cause critical neuronal dynamics... Whereas long-term plasticity, such as hebbian or activity dependent plasticity, have a crucial role in shaping the network structure and endowing neural systems with learning abilities. In this work we provide a model which combines both plasticity mechanisms, acting on two different time-scales. The measured avalanche statistics are compatible with experimental results for both the avalanche size and duration distribution with biologically observed percentages of inhibitory neurons. The time-series of neuronal activity exhibits temporal bursts leading to 1/f decay in the power spectrum. The presence of long-term plasticity gives the system the ability to learn binary rules such as XOR, providing the foundation of future research on more complicated tasks such as pattern recognition. read more

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Adaptation and Self-Organizing Systems Neurons and Cognition