Cubic anisotropy in high homogeneity thin (Ga,Mn)As layers

23 Feb 2018 Sawicki M. Proselkov O. Sliwa C. Aleshkevych P. Domagala J. Z. Sadowski J. Dietl T.

Historically, comprehensive studies of dilute ferromagnetic semiconductors, e.g., $p$-type (Cd,Mn)Te and (Ga,Mn)As, paved the way for a quantitative theoretical description of effects associated with spin-orbit interactions in solids, such as crystalline magnetic anisotropy. In particular, the theory was successful in explaining {\em uniaxial} magnetic anisotropies associated with biaxial strain and non-random formation of magnetic dimers in epitaxial (Ga,Mn)As layers... (read more)

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