Darboux integrability of trapezoidal $H^{4}$ and $H^{6}$ families of lattice equations I: First integrals

20 Feb 2017  ·  Gubbiotti G., Yamilov R. I. ·

In this paper we prove that the trapezoidal $H^{4}$ and the $H^{6}$ families of quad-equations are Darboux integrable systems. This result sheds light on the fact that such equations are linearizable as it was proved using the Algebraic Entropy test [G. Gubbiotti, C. Scimiterna and D. Levi, Algebraic entropy, symmetries and linearization for quad equations consistent on the cube, \emph{J. Nonlinear Math... Phys. }, 23(4):507543, 2016]. We conclude with some suggestions on how first integrals can be used to obtain general solutions. read more

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Exactly Solvable and Integrable Systems