Dark states of multilevel fermionic atoms in doubly-filled optical lattices

12 Jul 2019  ·  Orioli A. Piñeiro, Rey A. M. ·

We propose to use fermionic atoms with degenerate ground and excited internal levels ($F_g\rightarrow F_e$), loaded into the motional ground state of an optical lattice with two atoms per lattice site, to realize dark states with no radiative decay. The physical mechanism behind the dark states is an interplay of Pauli blocking and multilevel dipolar interactions... The dark states are independent of lattice geometry, can support an extensive number of excitations and can be coherently prepared using a Raman scheme taking advantage of the quantum Zeno effect. These attributes make them appealing for atomic clocks, quantum memories, and quantum information on decoherence free subspaces. read more

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Quantum Physics Quantum Gases Atomic Physics