Demonstration of cascaded modulator-chicane micro-bunching of a relativistic electron beam

17 Aug 2017  ·  Sudar N., Musumeci P., Gadjev I., Sakai Y., Fabbri S., Polyanskiy M., Pogorelsky I., Fedurin M., Swinson C., Kusche K., Babzien M., Palmer M. ·

We present results of an experiment showing the first successful demonstration of a cascaded micro-bunching scheme. Two modulator-chicane pre-bunchers arranged in series and a high power mid-IR laser seed are used to modulate a 52 MeV electron beam into a train of sharp microbunches phase-locked to the external drive laser. This configuration allows to increase the fraction of electrons trapped in a strongly tapered inverse free electron laser (IFEL) undulator to 96\%, with up to 78\% of the particles accelerated to the final design energy yielding a significant improvement compared to the classical single buncher scheme. These results represent a critical advance in laser-based longitudinal phase space manipulations and find application both in high gradient advanced acceleration as well as in high peak and average power coherent radiation sources.

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Accelerator Physics