Designing a broadband and linear polarization metasurface carpet cloak in the visible

11 Apr 2019  ·  Hsu L. Y., Ndao A., Kanté B. ·

In the past few years, carpet cloaking attracted interests because of its feasibility at optical frequencies and potential in stealth technologies. Metasurfaces have been proposed as a method to engineer ultra-thin carpet cloaking surfaces due to their abilities to manipulate wavefronts, polarization, and phase at subwavelength scale... However, achieving broadband carpet cloaking with a significant bandwidth is one of the key remaining challenges for metasurface designs. To date, broadband carpet cloaking based on metasurfaces has not been achieved and cloaking is limited to discrete wavelengths. Here, we propose and numerically demonstrate a novel metasurface design for broadband carpet cloaking with linear polarization at visible wavelengths from 650 nm to 800 nm. Our proposed method is a promising approach for broadband structured interfaces. read more

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