Direct calculation of time varying Aharonov Bohm effect

22 Apr 2019  ·  Choudhury S. Rai, Mahajan Shobhit ·

The Aharonov-Bohm effect (ABE) for steady magnetic fields is a well known phenomenon. However, if the current in the infinite solenoid that creates the magnetic field is time-dependent, that is in the presence of both magnetic and electric fields, there is no agreement whether the effect would be present... In this note, we try to investigate time varying ABE by a direct calculation in a set-up with a weak time dependent magnetic field. We find that the electric field arising out of the time-varying magnetic field in the path of the electrons does not enter the action integral but only changes the path of the electron from the source to the slits and then on to the detector. We find a frequency dependent AB phase shift. At low frequencies the result smoothly approaches the one for a constant field as the frequency tends towards zero. On the other hand, for high frequencies such that the AB-phase induced in the path of the wave packet oscillates rapidly, the net effect will be very small which is borne out by our results. read more

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Quantum Physics High Energy Physics - Theory