Direct CP violation in internal W-emission dominated baryonic B decays

23 Jun 2020  ·  Hsiao Y. K., Tsai Shang-Yuu, Rodrigues Eduardo ·

The observation of CP violation has been experimentally verified in numerous $B$ decays but is yet to be confirmed in final states with half-spin particles. We focus our attention on baryonic $B$-meson decays mediated dominantly through internal $W$-emission processes and show that they are promising processes to observe for the first time the CP violating effects in $B$ decays to final states with half-spin particles... Specifically, we study the $\bar B^0\to p\bar p\pi^0(\rho^0)$ and $\bar B^0\to p\bar p\pi^+\pi^-$ decays. We obtain ${\cal B}(\bar B^0\to p\bar p\pi^0)=(5.0\pm 2.1)\times 10^{-7}$, in agreement with current data, and ${\cal B}(\bar B^0\to p\bar p\rho^0)\simeq {\cal B}(\bar B^0\to p\bar p\pi^0)/3$. Furthermore, we find ${\cal A}_{CP}(\bar B^0\to p\bar p\pi^0,p\bar p\rho^0,p\bar p\pi^+\pi^-) =(-16.8\pm 5.4,-12.6\pm 3.0,-11.4\pm 1.9)\%$. With measured branching fractions ${\cal B}(\bar B^0\to p\bar p\pi^0,p\bar p\pi^+\pi^-)\sim {\cal O}(10^{-6})$, we point out that ${\cal A}_{CP}\sim -(10-20)\%$ can be new observables for CP violation, accessible to the Belle~II and/or LHCb experiments. read more

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