Direct-exchange duality of the Coulomb interaction and collective excitations in graphene in a magnetic field

17 Jun 2017  ·  Shizuya K. ·

In a magnetic field two-dimensional (2d) electron systems host, with quenched kinetic energy, a variety of many-body correlation phenomena, such as interaction-driven new states and associated collective excitations over them. In a magnetic field the two-body operators pertinent to the 2d Coulomb interaction obey a crossing relation, with which the Coulomb interaction is also cast into the form of manifest exchange interaction... It is shown that active use of this direct/exchange duality of the interaction allows one to develop, within the framework of the single-mode approximation, a new efficient algorithm for handling a wide class of collective excitations. The utility of our algorithm is demonstrated by studying some examples of inter- and intra-Landau-level collective excitations in graphene and in conventional electron systems. read more

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Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics