Dissipation-Induced Super Scattering and Lasing PT-Spaser

28 Feb 2015  ·  Feng Simin ·

Giant transmission and reflection of a finite bandwidth are shown to occur at the same wavelength when the electromagnetic wave is incident on a periodic array of PT-symmetric dimers embedded in a metallic film. Remarkably, we found that this phenomenon vanishes if the metallic substrate is lossless while keeping other parameters unchanged... When the metafilm is adjusted to the vicinity of a spectral singularity, tuning substrate dissipation to a critical value can lead to supper scattering in stark contrast to what would be expected in conventional systems. The PT-synthetic plasmonic metafilm acts as a lasing PT-spaser, a planar source of coherent radiation. The metallic dissipation provides a mean to couple light out of the dark modes of the PT- spaser. Above a critical gain-loss coupling, the metafilm behaves as a meta-gain medium with the meta-gain atoms made from the PT-plasmonic dimers. This phenomenon implies that super radiation is possible from a cavity having gain elements by tuning the cavity dissipation to a critical value. read more

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