Dissipative correlated dynamics of a moving impurity immersed in a Bose-Einstein Condensate

29 Sep 2019  ·  Mistakidis S. I., Grusdt F., Koutentakis G. M., Schmelcher P. ·

We unravel the nonequilibrium correlated quantum quench dynamics of an impurity traveling through a harmonically confined Bose-Einstein condensate in one-dimension. For weak repulsive interspecies interactions the impurity oscillates within the bosonic gas... At strong repulsions and depending on its prequench position the impurity moves towards an edge of the bosonic medium and subsequently equilibrates. This equilibration being present independently of the initial velocity, the position and the mass of the impurity is inherently related to the generation of entanglement in the many-body system. Focusing on attractive interactions the impurity performs a damped oscillatory motion within the bosonic bath, a behavior that becomes more evident for stronger attractions. To elucidate our understanding of the dynamics an effective potential picture is constructed. The effective mass of the emergent quasiparticle is measured and found to be generically larger than the bare one, especially for strong attractions. In all cases, a transfer of energy from the impurity to the bosonic medium takes place. Finally, by averaging over a sample of simulated in-situ single-shot images we expose how the single-particle density distributions and the two-body interspecies correlations can be probed. read more

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Quantum Physics Quantum Gases Atomic Physics