Dissipative dynamics of a quantum two-state system in presence of nonequilibrium quantum noise

10 Oct 2016  ·  Mann Niklas, Brüggemann Jochen, Thorwart Michael ·

We analyze the real-time dynamics of a quantum two-state system in the presence of nonequilibrium quantum fluctuations. The latter are generated by a coupling of the two-state system to a single electronic level of a quantum dot which carries a nonequilibrium tunneling current... We restrict to the sequential tunneling regime and calculate the dynamics of the two-state system, of the dot population, and of the nonequilibrium charge current on the basis of a diagrammatic perturbative method valid for a weak tunneling coupling. We find a nontrivial dependence of the relaxation and dephasing rates of the two-state system due to the nonequilibrium fluctuations which is directly linked to the structure of the unperturbed central system. In addition, a Heisenberg-Langevin-equation of motion allows us to calculate the correlation function of the nonequilibrium fluctuations. By this, we obtain a generalized nonequilibrium fluctuation relation which includes the equilibrium fluctuation-dissipation theorem. A straightforward extension to the case with a time-periodic ac voltage is shown. read more

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Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics