Dissociation dynamics of the diamondoid adamantane upon photoionization by XUV femtosecond pulses

10 Jan 2020 Maclot Sylvain Lahl Jan Peschel Jasper Wikmark Hampus Rudawski Piotr Brunner Fabian Coudert-Alteirac Hélène Indrajith Suvasthika Huber Bernd A. Díaz-Tendero Sergio Aguirre Néstor F. Rousseau Patrick Johnsson Per

This work presents a photodissociation study of the diamondoid adamantane using extreme ultraviolet femtosecond pulses. The fragmentation dynamics of the dication is unraveled by the use of advanced ion and electron spectroscopy giving access to the dissociation channels as well as their energetics... (read more)

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