Dissociation energy of the hydrogen molecule at 10$^{-9}$ accuracy

30 Apr 2018 Cheng C. Hussels J. Niu M. Bethlem H. L. Eikema K. S. E. Salumbides E. J. Ubachs W. Beyer M. Hölsch N. J. Agner J. A. Merkt F. Tao L. -G. Hu S. -M. Jungen Ch.

The ionization energy of ortho-H$_2$ has been determined to be $E^\mathrm{o}_\mathrm{I}(\mathrm{H}_2)/(hc)=124\,357.238\,062(25)$ cm$^{-1}$ from measurements of the GK(1,1)--X(0,1) interval by Doppler-free two-photon spectroscopy using a narrow band 179-nm laser source and the ionization energy of the GK(1,1) state by continuous-wave near-infrared laser spectroscopy. $E^\mathrm{o}_\mathrm{I}$(H$_2$) was used to derive the dissociation energy of H$_2$, $D^{N=1}_{0}$(H$_2$), at $35\,999.582\,894(25)$ cm$^{-1}$ with a precision that is more than one order of magnitude better than all previous results... (read more)

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