Dynamic metasurface lens based on MEMS Technology

11 Dec 2017  ·  Roy Tapashree, Zhang Shuyan, Jung Il Woong, Troccoli Mariano, Capasso Federico, Lopez Daniel ·

In the recent years, metasurfaces, being flat and lightweight, have been designed to replace bulky optical components with various functions. We demonstrate a monolithic Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) integrated with a metasurface-based flat lens that focuses light in the mid-infrared spectrum... A two-dimensional scanning MEMS platform controls the angle of the lens along the two orthogonal axes (tip-tilt) by +-9 degrees, thus enabling dynamic beam steering. The device can compensate for off-axis incident light and thus correct for aberrations such as coma. We show that for low angular displacements, the integrated lens-on-MEMS system does not affect the mechanical performance of the MEMS actuators and preserves the focused beam profile as well as the measured full width at half maximum. We envision a new class of flat optical devices with active control provided by the combination of metasurfaces and MEMS for a wide range of applications, such as miniaturized MEMS-based microscope systems, LIDAR scanners, and projection systems. read more

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Applied Physics