Dynamical violation of scale invariance and the dilaton in a cold Fermi gas

10 Apr 2018  ·  Semenoff Gordon W., Zhou Fei ·

We use the large N approximation to find an exotic phase of a cold, two-dimensional, N-component Fermi gas which exhibits dynamically broken approximate scale symmetry. We identify a particular weakly damped collective excitation as the dilaton, the pseudo-Goldstone boson associated with the broken approximate scale symmetry... We argue that the symmetry breaking phase is stable for a range of parameters of the theory and there is a fluctuation induced first order quantum phase transition between the normal and the scale symmetry breaking phases which can be driven by tuning the chemical potential. We find that the compressibility of the gas at its lower critical density is anomalously large, 2N times that of a perfect gas at the same density. read more

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Quantum Gases High Energy Physics - Phenomenology High Energy Physics - Theory