Easily tunable long photonic hook generated from Janus liquids-filled hollow microcylinder

26 Jul 2020  ·  Peng Zeng, Gu Guoqiang, Shao Liyang, Shen Xingliang ·

The photonic hook, a beam that can propagate along a curved path, has attracted wide attention since its inception and experimental confirmation. In this paper, we propose a new type of structure, which was made by a hollow microcylinder and a Janus-shaped liquid column of two insoluble filling liquids, for producing photonic hook of easily tunable properties and long length... The E^2 field intensity distribution characteristics and formation mechanism of the photonic hook are studied by analyzing the energy flow using the finite element method. The profile and properties of the photonic hook can be effectively tuned by rotating the hollow microcylinder or changing the light incident angle. A long photonic hook with a decay length of ~18{\lambda} and a photonic hook with a large focal distance ~8{\lambda} are obtained by this model. read more

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