Effective Einstein Cosmological Spaces for Non-Minimal Modified Gravity

29 Jun 2015  ·  Elizalde Emilio, Vacaru Sergiu I. ·

Certain off-diagonal vacuum and nonvacuum configurations in Einstein gravity can mimic physical effects of modified gravitational theories of $ f(R,T,R_{\mu\nu}T^{\mu\nu})$ type. We prove this statement by constructing exact and approximate solutions which encode certain models of covariant Ho\v rava type gravity with dynamical Lorentz symmetry breaking... Off-diagonal generalizations of de Sitter and nonolonomic $\Lambda$CDM universes are constructed which are generated through nonlinear gravitational polarization of fundamental physical constants and which model interactions with non-constant exotic fluids and effective matter. The problem of possible matter instability for such off-diagonal deformations in (modified) gravity theories is discussed. read more

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