Effects of an induced electric field on \pi^{-}/\pi^{+} ratio in heavy-ion collisions

11 Jul 2016 Wei Gao-Feng Dong Shi-Hai Cao Xin-Wei Zhang Yun-Liang

Using an isospin- and momentum-dependent transport model, we examine the effects of an electric field induced by a variable magnetic field on the \pi^{-}/\pi^{+} ratio in central to peripheral heavy-ion collisions at beam energies of 400 and 1500MeV/nucleon. It is shown that while the induced electric field does not affect the total multiplicities of both $\pi^{-}$ and $\pi^{+}$ mesons at both the lower beam energy of 400MeV/nucleon and the higher beam energy of 1500MeV/nucleon, it reduces (enhances) the emission of $\pi^{-}$ ($\pi^{+}$) mesons in midrapidity, but enhances (reduces) the emission of $\pi^{-}$ ($\pi^{+}$) mesons in forward and backward rapidities especially for the more peripheral collisions at the lower beam energy because of the rapidly transient variable magnetic field at more peripheral collisions and longer reaction duration time at the lower beam energy... (read more)

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