Elastic Coulomb breakup of $^{34}$Na

27 Jul 2016  ·  Singh G. IITR, Shubhchintak TAMUC, Chatterjee R. IITR ·

Purpose : The aim of this paper is to study the elastic Coulomb breakup of $^{34}$Na on $^{208}$Pb to give us a core of $^{33}$Na with a neutron and in the process we try and investigate the one neutron separation energy and the ground state configuration of $^{34}$Na. Method : A fully quantum mechanical Coulomb breakup theory within the architecture of post-form finite range distorted wave Born approximation extended to include the effects of deformation is used to research the elastic Coulomb breakup of $^{34}$Na on $^{208}$Pb at 100 MeV/u... The triple differential cross-section calculated for the breakup is integrated over the desired components to find the total cross-section, momentum and angular distributions as well as the average momenta, along with the energy-angular distributions. Results : The total one neutron removal cross-section is calculated to test the possible ground state configurations of $^{34}$Na. The average momentum results along with energy-angular calculations indicate $^{34}$Na to have a halo structure. The parallel momentum distributions with narrow full widths at half maxima signify the same. Conclusion : We have attempted to analyse the possible ground state configurations of $^{34}$Na and in congruity with the patterns in the `island of inversion' conclude that even without deformation, $^{34}$Na should be a neutron halo with a predominant contribution to its ground state most probably coming from $^{33}$Na($3/2^{+}$) $\otimes$ $2p_{3/2}\nu$ configuration. We also surmise that it would certainly be useful and rewarding to test our predictions with an experiment to put stricter limits on its ground state configuration and binding energy. read more

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Nuclear Theory