Enhancement of deep-subwavelength band gaps in flat spiral-based phononic metasurfaces using the trampoline phenomena

28 Jan 2020  ·  Bilal Osama R., Foehr André, Daraio Chiara ·

Elastic and acoustic metamaterials can sculpt dispersion of waves through resonances. In turn, resonances can give rise to negative effective properties, usually localized around the resonance frequencies, which support band gaps at subwavelength frequencies (i.e., below the Bragg-scattering limit)... However, the band gaps width correlates strongly with the resonators' mass and volume, which limits their functionality in applications. Trampoline phenomena have been numerically and experimentally shown to broaden the operational frequency ranges of two-dimensional, pillar-based metamaterials through perforation. In this work, we demonstrate trampoline phenomena in lightweight and planar lattices consisting of arrays of Archimedean spirals in unit cells. Spiral-based metamaterials have been shown to support different band gap opening mechanisms, namely, Bragg-scattering, local resonances and inertia amplification. Here, we numerically analyze and experimentally realize trampoline phenomena in planar metasurfaces for different lattice tessellations. Finally, we carry out a comparative study between trampoline pillars and spirals and show that trampoline spirals outperform the pillars in lightweight, compactness and operational bandwidth. read more

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Applied Physics Materials Science