Even-Odd effect of an Spin-S impurity coupled to a quantum critical system

30 Oct 2018  ·  Chen Kun, Komijani Yashar ·

We discuss an even-odd effect for an impurity with an $N$-fold degenerate internal states immersed in a two-dimensional superfluid--Mott-insulator quantum critical bath, which is described by an spin-$S$ XY Bose-Kondo impurity model with $N=2S+1$. Using a dimensional- and momentum-cut off regularized renormalization group and unbiased large-scale Monte Carlo numerical simulations, we establish the phase diagram for the $S=1$ impurity with all the relevant terms included... We show that the $S=1$ impurity with 3-fold degeneracy is fully screened by the critical bath, in qualitative contrast to the spin-1/2 case where the impurity is only partially screened. We then argue that all impurities with odd 2$S$ share the same universal physics as the spin-1/2 case, and all impurities with even 2$S$ are as the spin-1 case. We validate our conjecture with unbiased Monte Carlo simulations up to $S=2$. A physical consequence of this even-odd effect is that two $N=2$ degenerate impurities in the critical bath form a bound state at a sufficiently low temperature, which can be realized using ultracold atoms in an optical lattice. read more

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Quantum Gases